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Workflow Documentation

When generating runs that will be recorded in as final data, please be sure to carefully follow the data handling instructions shown below. An always up to date version of how to run this chemistry using code can be found here


Experimental Workflow Changelog
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Workflow Development Checklist
GoogleDrive folder workflow directory
Chemical Inventory


Generator Code GitRepo (master)
Code Version Changelog
Secure token for code

Data Handling

— Standard Operating Procedure for Robot Ready Perovskite Chemistry (With LBL and HC) —

  1. Ensure that your computer local time is updated and accurate. If necessary look up how to synchronize your system with internet time.
  2. Open file "ReactionDesign/"
  3. Update the operating variables in the ReactionDesign/ file.
  4. Follow additional guidelines for each variable as outlined outlined in the
      • Ensure experimental workflow version is correct at the time of script execution!
      • Feel free to create appropriately named copies of the script and upload to the shared ExampleExpGen folder for future use and sharing.
  5. Execute the script by running ./
  6. Ensure that desired run information has been generated correctly
  7. Move the newly created / validated directory to the ExpDev directory
  8. Update the experimental data for the folder only while the folder is in the ExpDev directory on Google Drive during and after completion of the experiment.
      • Note: The Dev folder will be periodically cleared of old directories, ensure that data are not deleted by only inserting data into files/folders in the ExpDev directory
  9. Upon completing the experiment and all necessary record keeping, move the operating directory (current run folder) from the ExpDev directory to the "Data" directory

-> Never delete files from the Data folder, EVER <-

Additional Information

Detailed Overview of JSON
See also: Autoprotocol

2018-08-01 Progress Summary

Future Work

MInChI - Chemical Mixture Notation

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  • Big picture goals - Photos, notes, sketches from other meetings included
  • Project Timeline/Overview - resolve current goals with SD2 timeline
  • Shared presentations - Google drive dissemination shared resources
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