SD2 Information

The following links provide information regarding the broader SD2 collaboration

Big Picture
SD2 Git
SD2 Learning Center
SD2 Google Help


Literature and Additional Reading

Programming Tutorials

Please see the following links for links to recommend programming tutorials

  • MySQL
  • Python3
    • SciKit-Learn
    • Learn python the hard way

How to code in DRP (under construction)

  • Github, version control
    • How the versioning works for RoboScript, Experiments and Descriptor Functions
    • Git links to relevant pages
  • Branching and recommended installation (eventually a module)
    • How to install the DRP module
    • Overview of key functionality on both the hydrothermal and perovskite versions
    • How to update workflows
      • Process for each code to ensure backward compatibility
        • Is there a traditional method for dealing with backward compatibility? Ideas here?
      • List and discussion of major versions of each workflow linked out from here!!
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