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Objective: This document is aimed at outlining the SD2 wiki. The SD2 wiki will provide a central resource linking to shared documentation, tutorials, workflows, common resources, onboarding, and descriptions relating to current development. By sharing these resources we hope to achieve a top level view of how all aspects of the project relate and enable each working group to interact more effectively with the design processes of experiments and modeling. In particular, this document will provide the foundation for the design of the SD2 wiki.

Front Page:
Key aspects and overviews - See below
Shared formatting from other resources:
THE JSON: (For JSON files)
Additional links
Tutorials (see below)
Literature Deposit
DRP front facing web features - i.e. data entry websites
Workflows - notes on workflow development (google docs)
Big picture goals - Photos, notes, sketches from other meetings included
Project Timeline/Overview - resolve current goals with SD2 timeline
Shared presentations - Google drive dissemination shared resources
Shared notespace for development - Google docs shared resource?
Key aspects and overviews (title needs work…):
for project development (link to additional page of these - google sheets with links out
Current naming conventions - Naming Conventions:
Ex. 2018-07-05T15_03_19.157863+00_00_LBL
JSON organizational format and links to documentation for how/whatwhy
Current version of the JSON is based on autoprotocol
Modifications are primarily focused on a reduced ontology with the following logic: What can we do to capture as much data as possible without getting too bogged down in the details.
How can we create a self referencing index of all components of a chemical reaction and workflow without having to track every little detail?
What are the key features that actually need to be captured in the early stages of the workflow? (Currently: reagents, delta time, conditions, volumes, etc).
If the properties from a higher level list/dictionary item contains the relevant information lower levels within the same “run” do not need to be redundant
List of each version controlled script, file, workflow (experimental) and distinctions in as much detail as reasonable (what is reasonable!?)

Tutorials (detailed when not available elsewhere - screenshots/photos!):
Learn python the hard way

How to code in DRP (under construction)
Github, version control
How the versioning works for RoboScript, Experiments and Descriptor Functions
Git links to relevant pages
Branching and recommended installation (eventually a module)
How to install the DRP module
Overview of key functionality on both the hydrothermal and perovskite versions
How to update workflows
Process for each code to ensure backward compatibility
Is there a traditional method for dealing with backward compatibility? Ideas here?
List and discussion of major versions of each workflow linked out from here!!

Links to key articles, group publications, or MUST reads during onboarding

Project Plan

Important Links
Naming conventions
Workflow Overview

Data Structures / Database

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